Where will YOU be 15-17 September?

Us now

Us then

Us after


“Have I changed? Maybe. Has the world changed? Maybe. Would I do it again tomorrow? Probably next year. Was it special? That’s one way to put it. Would I recommend it to a friend? That’s what I’m doing right now. Life eeks by in full and empty moments, don’t rush to fill them with anything less than worthwhile.

Michael Martoonies, Musician and Computer Guy


Golly gosh, this was a full 5-bath experience from start to finish. Like soaking in a hot spring of champagne on a cool fall evening. Like the first touch of spring after a cold winter. My soul has awoken, my mind is cleared of mud, and I am feeling absolutely splendid. If you missed this you’d be kicking yourself for life eternal.

Osama Bing Chilling, Economist Supreme


I pushed and it pushed back. I leaned away and it leaned toward me. I let the feeling take hold, I let it envelop me. I never stopped to care, but never felt a lack of care. I am forever indebted to those around me. I live a new life as a new human now, I am greater than the sum of once insignificant parts. It was tight.

Armin Coochie, Environmentalist